Talon, Viper, Tade, Larry, Ryan, and Shorty (raptor_family) wrote in stufflove,
Talon, Viper, Tade, Larry, Ryan, and Shorty

The Raptor Clan has returned, hopefully for good this time!!

Mari had stopped hogging the internet for once and let my brothers and I log into our account! Earlier today, before the two new posts, we were reminiscing while reading older entries with our human person. It's great to be back on Livejournal again. We missed being on here a little!

(Left to Right: Talonmeister AKA Talon AKA me, Shorty, Viper)

Mari did a video that featured us and some of our neighbors. Some we like, some of the newer ones not so likable. It's in our journal, so check it out sometime!

As of now, I'm on a mission to see which of the rest of you members are still active. All the old LJ friends we had? They're no longer active, and that just has us feeling a little sad and depressed. Found one teddy bear so far whose account is somewhat active, and I think I just found another one! Teddies are such good company--UNLIKE the two dragons who have rotted meat for brains. They have nothing to do but challenge each other to fighting and seeing who's the better dragon, or give my brothers and me a hard time for not having wings. One time we did manage to give 'em a sneak attack scare!

I hope they never get account. Really, they're annoying, and not very bright...

Oh, and I have another mission to do! Make a community that's similar to the neat add_me community Mari had found. She has gotten up to 10 new LJ friends in under a week, shortly after leaving an intro about herself! Amazing! From what I heard, they're all nice and very cool humans. I wonder if I'll get to friend them.

What she shared inspired me to make an add_me community in which those who can post entries are toys! I like both humans and most other toys, so I think they could reply to our posts or just add us to their friends lists if they wanted. AND, this community will just be run by us toys!

Of course I'll be the head moderator, but I wouldn't mind other toys who'd like to volunteer to mod this with me. Would anyone be up to it?

I'll link you all to it once it's up!

Happy summer, and good luck keeping cool everybody.

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