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stufflove's Journal

Stuffed, Plush and Toy Livejournalists
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Welcome to the LJ Community for Stuffed, Plush and Toy Livejournalists!

IMPORTANT: Please note the following Community Rules.

1) This is a community for stuffed animals, plush toys and other toys with their OWN Livejournals. This is NOT a place for humans to post ABOUT their toy companions! This community is fully committed to giving the toys their own voice and meeting place.

Therefore, to join, you MUST
a) be stuffed, plush, or another form of toy AND
b) have your OWN LiveJournal.

Any member not meeting the above criteria will be removed by the moderator.

Interested human companions and other voyeurs may watch the community, but they can't join.

2) New members are asked to post and introduce themselves to the group as soon as possible.

3) It is well known that some toys choose to pursue active (ahem) lives, while others are more the stay-at-home type. This community is also open to all ages of toys. Therefore, we ask that members try to keep community postings to a PG-13 level of decency so everyone feels comfortable here, and reserve any graphic raunchiness (sex, drugs, rock n' roll, ripping somebody's stuffings out, etc.) for their personal journals.

4) Personal ads are OK as long as they are PG-13 rated. The ad poster is responsible for ensuring that his or her activities do not violate the decency of any minor toys.

This community is moderated by peterthecat. Got a problem? Send e-mail to peterthecat@antisocial.com and he'll get back to you...whenever.