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Look! Up in the sky!

This week started off kind of weird.

Sidney, our bullfrog friend, is a Webkinz. And he came to live with us last October. Now, those Webkinz guys have all sorts of fun things that they can do on the internet in their own little world. There's animation so a little frog on the screen (who looks just like Sidney does in real life) can have his own room with furniture and toys and stuff. And food.

For some reason, my human had signed Sidney up for this, but they never played it together. (She says that the computer at home was too slow, and then she just didn't get around to trying it again.) But the other day, they got online and started playing for the first time. They seemed to like it, and they were having fun, and I'm happy for that, but I felt left out. I am a Beanie Buddy, not a Webkinz, and I have been around since before Webkinz were invented! So there's no animated camel on the screen.

Seriously. I'm glad that Sheila and Sidney like it. But I felt like I was less important, and like maybe my human wouldn't like me as much any more because I couldn't play the game with her :( And they played it Sunday and Monday, and I just kind of watched from the bed.

But I should never have doubted my human. Nope. I am still her special camel. Here's how I know:

Last night, the other toys and I were standing in the window watching the Perseid Meteor Shower. It looks like the stars are falling out of the sky, but really, it's big rocks falling through the atmosphere and burning up on their way in. Either way, it's a pretty spectacular thing. There's a bright light that shoots across the sky, and you can only see it for a couple of seconds, and it doesn't happen very often, but I guess sometimes a lot of them happen all at once, like last night. (Astronomer humans know when it's coming.)

So, when my human came back to the room after work, she knew about the meteor shower, and she said, "Humph, do you want to come outside with me and watch them?"

Boy, did I!!!

She took me out, and it was kind of cool out there, because our boat was in the middle of Lake Superior. So she let me climb inside her sweatshirt so I could stay warm, and we walked up to the bow, and we watched the meteors! I was so excited that I forgot to count them. I wanted to take photos, but they go away too quickly, and you never know when they are coming in the first place. So here's a photo I found on the internet:

That's kind of what it's like. But only for a second or two, and then they're gone! My human says that we were in a very good place to watch the meteors, because out in the lake is far away from city lights, which makes it harder to see the real lights in the sky. Plus, the weather was nice and the sky was not cloudy.

Not only did I get to see something really special in the sky, but I also learned that my human still loves me even if I can't play on Webkinz with her :)
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